Planned Parenthood Director Declares “It’s Life. It’s Alive!”

November 10, 2009 at 7:29 pm (Christian news) (, , , , , , , , , )

It’s life.  It’s alive!

This was the declaration made by Abby Johnson, former Affiliate Director of a Texas Planned Parenthood, who decided that she could no longer be a part of that murderous industry after she witnessed the ultrasound of a baby being aborted and saw for herself that the unborn child was fighting for it’s life.

Check out this video clip from the Huckabee show on Fox News as she talks about her experience during the abortion:

If only more people would stop listening to the abortionist’s propaganda machine and listen to the truth, maybe we wouldn’t be murdering about a million babies each year in the U.S.

And there are options!  Each year, thousands of couples adopt babies as their own and raise them in safe, loving homes.

I pray that churches would support their local crisis pregnancy centers, where scared pregnant women can hear about options for their baby that include adoption and life instead of simply murdering an unwanted child.

I pray that you would support them personally, too.


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  1. Arthur Trafford said,

    A special thanks to Abby Johnson, the ex-director of the Bryan Texas Planned Parenthood office on 29th Street:

    Abby Johnson now encourages thinking and loving individuals to place a special value on others who are (also humans made in the image of God) and in the same stage of development that “They were”!

    The thoughts that dance in the mind of humans, is conceived in their heart and hinges on the pivotal question that ushers in the undeserved “Death penalty” for the unborn; or the joyous excitement, anticipating the soon coming birth of a child.

    The question that answers the complex motive for a person’s actions after conception is “Is the pregnancy and baby wanted or rejected by one or both parents (or families) of the child”?!!!

    And if most women-with-child was loved by the child’s father,
    she would smile and happily say “No abortion” why bother.

    Ask God and the person you mated with to forgive you,
    forgive yourself and live the abundant life.

    Sincerely ProBaby,

    Arthur Trafford

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