Sex Games And Our Vulnerable Children

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Jelly Bracelets

Jelly Bracelets

Pink blanket/ Blue blanket – The difference between a girl and a boy.

Red jersey / Blue jersey – The difference between the home team and the visiting team.

Green leaves / Brown leaves – The difference between summer and autumn.

Pink bracelets / Clear bracelets – The difference between willing to give a hickey and willing to perform any sexual act.


*  *  *  *  * calls it a legend and calls it a hoax but for many teenage and even pre-teen adolescents in schools across our nation, wearing jelly bracelets like the ones pictured above are an invitation to engage in a variety of sexual acts with whoever is “lucky” enough to “snap” off one of these colored bracelets first.

Full details on how this game is played and exactly what the differently colored bracelets mean can be found by clicking here, but be warned in advance, there are some graphic descriptions posted next to some of the colors.

Six months ago, a Colorado middle school was drawn into the center of this bizarre behavior and asked parents not to allow children to wear these bracelets to school after staff members became aware of conversations between students that described the true meaning of the bracelets.  This story was originally reported by the New York Times here.

But even more disturbing than this trend in our schools and among our children is the way it is being virtually ignored by the mainstream media.  And when it is addressed, is it any surprise that it is being downplayed as nothing but an urban legend or a hoax?  Parents who care enough about their children to inquire about this and research the truth are being sidelined as if they are simply crying wolf.  Worse than that, it is automatically assumed that the parents are making false assumptions about their children’s intentions with these bracelets and in some cases, the parents are even being accused of continuing to circulate the rumors about the bracelets instead of letting the “urban legend” die out.

But the blame for this doesn’t lie solely with the school or the culture or our children’s friends.


It lies first with us as parents because we are the one’s charged with “training up a child in the way he (or she) should go.”  We teach them to walk, talk, brush their teeth, cross the street, and everything else they need to know to survive in the world, but when it comes to sex, we stand silently off to the side as they learn everything there is to know (and more) from their friends, their sex-ed teacher, social networking sites and the internet.

Why do we assume that if we don’t talk to our kids about sex, no one else will either?

Someone has to tell them that their bodies are precious and holy and their virginity is not to be given away to the first person who comes along and is only interested in gratifying their own lusts.  Someone has to tell them that sex is a glorious gift that God gave to the husband and his wife and that marriage is a holy union between a husband, his wife and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Someone has to tell them it’s not just ok to wait for marriage, that it’s expected that they wait for marriage.

I pray that this article enlightens you to the dangers faced by our children every day and that it would move you to build a stronger relationship with your children.  Build trust and honesty between you so that you can have difficult conversations like these.

And like the billboard says, “Talk to your children about sex.  Everyone else is.”


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