Same-Sex ‘Divorce’ Case Dismissed

March 18, 2010 at 4:12 pm (Christian news) (, , , )

Oklahoma State CapitolThe Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals has said “no” to a lesbian divorce.

Legal Counsel Tim Tracey of Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) explains that what was at stake in the case was the validity of Oklahoma’s marriage law.

“If you look at this situation, it’s almost absurd,” he comments. “What you have here is a fraudulent attempt to try to undermine the marriage amendment of Oklahoma that was passed by 76 percent of the voters. So you have here a same-sex couple that alleged that they were married in Canada, but yet they could never even produce a marriage certificate.”

The two still sought a divorce by going through the “back door and trying to get an Oklahoma court to recognize it.”

“[The court] saw this for what it was,” Tracy notes. “It was a fraudulent attempt by a same-sex couple to undermine the voice of the people in Oklahoma, and they dismissed it outright. So we think this is the end of the road for that.”

The Oklahoma court is the second to encounter this case and the second to decide that the government cannot issue a divorce for a marriage it does not recognize.


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